New EP by our very own Austin John!


"This four song EP celebrates my deep love of Blues music.  From B.B. King's classic tune "She's Dynamite" to Robert Johnson's haunting virtuoso recordings.  From Earl Hooker's fantastic wah wah slide playing to the unparalleled swing of early Jump Blues.  There's something about these sounds that have infatuated me ever since I first heard them.  I've drawn so much inspiration from these amazing artists and styles of Blues music.  I hope you enjoy this EP as much as I enjoyed making it!"


-Austin John


All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Austin John.  

Vocals, guitar, bass and drums performed by Austin John.

Cover photo by Rickey Bohr.  Back photo by Austin John.

Designed by Dawna Zahn and Austin John. 

Rock N' Roll Ranch Records

Austin John - Diggin' In EP (CD)