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We’re honored to receive an Ameripolitan Award! We want to thank our families, friends and fans for their endless support since we formed The Hi-Jivers in 2015!  The Ameripolitan Award show weekend was filled with an enormous amount of talent and style. Thank you to Dale Watson, Celine Lee and their amazing crew for their hard work putting on this incredible event. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!


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"My syndicated Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour leads me to a lot of great artists around the globe.  There is always a new show to produce, new albums to feature, artists to interview, festivals to work, etc.  However, there are those wonderful moments when an artist cuts through all the busy routines and clutter and stops me dead in my tracks.  It's even more amazing when that artist is right in your own hometown.  The Hi-Jivers are one of those acts for me.  The band sounds so fresh with their unique vintage blues rock & roll style.  Even their cover tunes sound fresh and flow flawlessly in their set.  There are very few artists that I will add in rotation without even hearing the song first to decide if I should play it, but The Hi-Jivers will always get airplay.  I know it will always be THAT good.  Dawna Zahn's vocals and stage presence will knock you out.  I didn't live during the time of the height of folks like Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, early Ike & Tina...but seeing Dawna's commanding presence is the closest I can imagine what those times were like.  The band led by Austin John's jaw dropping guitar licks as well as Hank Mile's cool and in-the-pocket bass groove continue to take things to another level.  I can't wait to see what's next!"

-James Riley

Host of Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour

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Finally, for Thursday, a real blue chip act, from Nashville, making their debut in the UK, The Hi-Jivers.  This four-piece, are Wild Records recording artists, and our appetites had been whetted by several YouTube and Bopflix videos, leading up to the show.  Their vocalist is Dawna Zahn, looking fine in her black dress, with her fiancé, and phenomenal guitarist Austin John Doody on lead.  In the rhythm section are regular bassist Hank Miles with Ricky McCann in on drums for the show.  
The set was top drawer right from the start, with the cracking track ‘Hotwire Woman’, with Dawna’s voice sounding brilliant in a style akin to the most prominent female rhythm and blues ladies of the past.  You want an idea?  Well think Etta James, with maybe the powerhouse styles of Tiny Topsy and Big Maybelle, Willie Mae Thornton, and dare I suggest a little Janis Joplin?*.  Something like that.  Whatever, it’s commanding and accomplished, whether vocalising their own material or covers.  Indeed, one of their single releases, features a simply sublime version of Billy Gayles ‘Just One More Time’, which was one of the many highlights of the performance.
As well as visually impressive, the musicianship is spot on, and we suggest you check out recordings like ‘Ol’ Feeling’, and ‘Bulletproof’ for confirmation.  ‘Ol’ Feeling’ for example has a catchy riff throughout, and Austin’s guitar solo in this is effortlessly spectacular.  In between, Dawna engaged with the audience with a y’all Nashville lilt, before launching into yet more quality sounds.  ‘Get Me Wrong’, ‘Any Woman You Please’, ‘Always Talkin Down’ and the true foot stomper, ‘Sweet Talkin’ and Lyin’ and to end the show, Something’s Gotta Shake’.  
There was an expectation surrounding this show and boy did the Hi-Jivers deliver.  They’re back for the Rhythm Riot in November 2019.  Don’t miss out "



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